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Tiger Woods Lookalike
Tiger Woods Lookalike

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May 4, 2007
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Tiger Woods Lookalike
Tiger Woods Lookalike
Tiger Woods Lookalike
  Tiger Woods Lookalike
With Tiger's mother - she kindly stopped for a quick picture.  Thank you, Mrs. Woods!
Tiger Woods Lookalike

Introduction - Hey, what is this all about?

This website is about me, a guy who happens to look a little bit like Tiger Woods, the incredibly talented professional golfer.  Even though we don't look exactly alike, people see a strong resemblance, and that is how I got started doing part-time work as a Tiger Woods lookalike.  I have a full-time job, so that keeps me busy, but whenever someone needs a Tiger Woods lookalike for an event or any other reason, I do these types of events in my spare time.  I love the game of golf, and I'm a huge Tiger Woods fan.  Because my old co-workers saw the resemblance, they started calling me Tiger 2, and the name stuck.  If you have any more questions or comments, or would like to check if I'm available for an event, please send me an e-mail.  I'll be glad to respond!  Thanks for visiting my website!  Go Tiger!  I am a huge fan of Tiger, and I enjoy watching him play - we are witnessing a living legend and history in the making.  I watch him most of the time on TV, but I have seen him live whenever I have gotten the chance.  

Tiger 2's Timeline
Upcoming Events
April 24, 2007 - New York, NY
Live with Regis and Kelly - Celebrity Lookalikes Week
Live with Regis and Kelly is having a Celebrity Lookalike contest, and I entered it.  I got a call from the show, and guess what?  They have invited me to appear on the show on Tuesday, April 24.  Be sure to watch it - the grand prize is $10,000 to spend at!  Stay tuned...
February 2007 - Pasadena, CA
AbilityFirst - Hooray for Hollywood Event
I've been asked to help out by appearing as a Tiger lookalike for a special annual Hooray for Hollywood event in Pasadena, California.  Since it's during Academy Awards week, they will be having a red-carpet themed arrival where celebrity lookalikes arrive by limousine, walk the red carpet, and are interviewed in front of screaming fans.  Stay tuned for more details...
Sometime in 2007
Several possible magazine appearances
There is a possibility that I'll be part of a feature on golf lookalikes.   There are a couple of international magazines that I may be in, and there is a possibility that I'll be in one or more US magazines as well.  I was photographed by a professional photographer who I'll name later.  More details will follow as I find out...
Recent Events/News (newest first)
November 23, 2006 - Southern California
Photo shoot for a golf product
A photographer friend of mine took some photos to help promote a golf-related product.  He started from scratch a few years ago - he didn't know anything about photography, but now he is very busy with events, weddings, and also videography.   Check out some of his work at this website   Thanks, Joel, for helping me out with this project!
September 11, 2006 - Tarzana, CA
The Second Annual Greater Los Angeles USO Golf Tournament
I was invited to play in this celebrity golf tournament, where Gary Sinise was honored with the first Bob Hope USO “Thanks for the Memory" Award.  Gary Sinise has completed 20 tours to military bases worldwide, and has recently returned from Afghanistan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, where he performed and greeted American and coalition troops.  It was a fun event, and the icing on the cake was that my team won 3rd place - Gary Sinise and Miss America Jennifer Berry presented us with the awards.  Here are some photos - I might post more later. When we were receiving the awards, I overheard someone say, "No wonder they won 3rd place - they have a ringer on their team."  The tough part of being a Tiger Woods lookalike is that a lot of people assume that I can play like Tiger.   I always tell them, "I just look like Tiger - if I played like Tiger, I wouldn't be here right now..."
May 3, 2006 - Cypress, CA
Tiger's Father, Earl Woods, dies at age 74
Today our thoughts and prayers are with Tiger Woods and his family.  Tiger's father will long be remembered for raising an amazing human being.  We thank you, Earl, for all you have done and we know that you will be watching Tiger proudly from above.
April 30, 2006 - Las Vegas, NV
Illini Fever
I was asked to be a special guest at this Illini Fever event at the Curve nightclub at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino.  They raise money for the University of Illinois athletes' scholarship fund. Bonnie from Vegas Events, Inc. helped to organize the details of the event, and we had a fun time at the afterparty with a bunch of fun people.  Thank you, Bonnie, Tim, and the rest of the gang for a great event and an enjoyable evening!
April 27, 2006 - San Bernardino, CA
Gary's Retirement Party
Today was Gary's last day of working full-time, and there was a retirement party for him.  He is a golfer, and he asked me to appear at his party.  It was fun, and I'm envious because he will get to play a lot of golf now.  Gary, thanks for asking me to be at your party, and I hope you enjoy your retirement.  We should play golf one of these days...
November 7, 2005 - Tarzana, CA
15th Annual William H. Parker L.A. Police Foundation Golf Challenge
I was asked to appear at this tournament, and since it was for a worthy cause, I decided to donate my services.  The honorary chairperson was Patricia Heaton (well-known for her role in Everybody Loves Raymond).   A lot of people put their lives on the line every day in the Los Angeles area, and they deserve the help that the William H. Parker L.A. Police Foundation provides.  It was a fun day, and I met a lot of really nice people.  Thank you, Bill, for inviting me to be a part of the tournament.  Maybe we'll do it again next year...
April 10, 2005 - Augusta, GA
Tiger Wins the Masters and regains the #1 ranking!
What an incredible final 2 rounds it was today - it was quite a showdown between Tiger and Chris DiMarco.  Tiger showed the world that why he is the number one player in golf.  He came back from being 4 shots behind, then built up a 4 shot lead and Chris DiMarco came back from 4 shots behind to force it into a sudden death playoff.  Tiger hit some amazing shots, like the chip on the 16th, and the clutch putt on the 1st playoff hole to win it.  Congratulations, Tiger!  We're looking forward to watching you continue to make golf history.
January 23, 2005 - Southern CA
Our Daughter is Baptized, and Tiger Wins the Buick Invitational!
Noelle Brianna was baptized today and we spent time with family and friends, so we didn't get a chance to watch Tiger win, but we heard the news that Tiger won.  Congratulations, Tiger!  We know that this is just the beginning...
December 14, 2004 - Southern CA
Our Daughter is Born!
On 1:13am, Noelle Brianna was born.  What an experience that was - I was there to watch the whole thing, and life will never be the same.   Guess what?  Noelle was already holding a golf ball in her first week of life (thanks to me, of course).  Golf is going to have to take a back seat for a while now, but I'll still be doing some Tiger events when the opportunities come.  I'll just be more selective in what I can and can't do.  The priorities have changed!  Hey Tiger, it's your turn to make some babies!
Equipment Changes - Fall 2004
Tiger's Tools of the Trade
I have recently added the following equipment that makes me look even more like Tiger:  a Buick bag autographed by Tiger himself that is like the one that he uses, Nike Forged irons that are similar to what Tiger uses, a couple of Tiger Woods wedges, and a Nike Ignite driver.  With these tools, you bet I'm going to try to play like him.  The key word is TRY - haha.  We'll have to see how close I get to being a Tiger playalike...
Thank you, Terri, for putting the Tiger bag up for auction to benefit your charity that helps cancer patients!  I'm glad I won that auction.
June 4, 2004 - Las Vegas, NV
Tag Heuer event - Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Tag Heuer had a special event for it's retailers.  It was at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.  I was there working with 2 other "Tigers" and there was a special guest:  Jim Belushi!  Jim and his band played and I got a chance to meet him and have my picture taken with him.   Thank you, Mimma and Brian, who asked me to be a part of this event!
May 18, 2004 - La Canada, CA
Chris Burrows Memorial Golf Tournament - Awards Dinner and Auction
I was invited to show up and add a unique touch to one of the auction items - a round of golf for 4 and some tips from Tiger!  Great idea, Dave, and congratulations on a successful event!  
March 22, 2004 - Carlsbad, CA
Transamerica Convention - La Costa Resort and Spa
Transamerica had a special dinner for the top employees, and there was a golf theme.  Debbie Williams actually beat me in a closest to the pin contest!   Nice shots, Debbie!  
March 20, 2004 - Los Angeles, CA
Birthday Party
Happy Birthday, Tom Ramirez!  I dropped in to wish Tom, who loves the game of golf, a Happy Birthday.  He didn't know that a Tiger lookalike was going to deliver the birthday cake.  Great idea, Laurann, and I hope you had a great birthday, Tom!
December 27, 2003 - Pasadena, CA
The Wedding
This was the day I married the person I've been waiting for all of my life.   The whole day was a big blur, but we really enjoyed it and loved it.  I love you, Baby!
July 28, 2003 - Reno, NV
The Biggest Little City Golf Tournament
There was a "Tiger Trap" hole on the 12th hole of this golf tournament.   The lucky person to hit a hole-in-one would be the winner of a Buick Rendezvous.  I had a lot of fun doing this - it was my first time in Reno.  Thank you John and Rich, for coming up with a great idea and including me as part of it!
April 29, 2003 - Las Vegas, NV
Networld+Interop Trade Show
I worked at a trade show called Networld+Interop.  I was wearing the Masters green jacket along with the red shirt and black Nike cap.   There were a ton of people there!


Older Stuff (starting with when it all began...)
August 28, 2000 - Palm Desert, California
The Battle at Bighorn - Tiger Woods vs. Sergio Garcia
-Interviewed by KESQ (ABC) News
-Signed autographs (fans wanted them even though it wasn't the real Tiger's autograph)!
-Had pictures taken with fans (I told them I was NOT Tiger - they didn't care!)
-Signed a little boy's Titleist golf ball (with my signature of course!)
September 25, 2000 - San Francisco, California
I went to a conference and convention for State housing agencies.  A software company wanted some attention at their booth, so they asked me to have pictures taken with people.
March 19, 2001 - Hollywood, California
The 10th Annual Celebrity Lookalike Event - "The Reel Awards"
This was an event in Hollywood where the celebrity impersonators come together from all over the country.   I attended just to see what it was all about.   There were dozens of impersonators there, from the Pope to Kramer (from the TV show Seinfeld).   The press was also there, including the British press and also a crew from Germany!  They were there that week for the Academy Awards, but since this event was also the same week, they also attended to see what was going on.
-Interviewed by KCAL-9
-Interviewed by the British press
-Had photos taken with several different lookalikes including:
   Celine Dion, President Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Gates and several others
June 6, 2001 - All across the country!!!
I was updating my website, and I noticed that there had been over 400 visitors.  All of a sudden, my website started getting more and more visitors.  I begin receiving e-mail from visitors and fans.   I learned that radio stations across the country were talking about a Tiger Woods lookalike and they mentioned his website.   They were NOT talking about me!  I really believe that people reached my website by accident, but I welcome the new visitors and fans, and I'm enjoying all of the positive e-mail.  Of course, there will always be the negative people out there, but they are entitled to their opinion.  It's great to hear from all of the different people across the country!
June 20, 2001 - LIVE radio interview with WDFN 1130 AM "The FAN" Sports Radio (Detroit, MI)
I did a live interview with 1130 AM sports radio THE FAN, which is based in Detroit, Michigan.  I really enjoyed it - it was my first radio interview.   I'd like to thank the listeners in the Detroit area who tuned in to the interview and listened to my story.  This website got a TON of hits because of it - thanks Mike and Patrick!  Before the interview, the counter was at 1200.  Now look at it...
July 30, 2001 - Palm Desert, California
The Battle at Bighorn II - Woods/Sorenstam vs. Duval/Webb
ABC televised this event on national TV during prime time - 8pm Eastern Time.  Last year, it was a one-on-one event with Tiger against Sergio Garcia.  This time it was a 2-on-2 match, with Tiger and Annika Sorenstam teaming up against David Duval and Karrie Webb (the women's US Open champion).  I attended with my sister and little brother, and I saw a couple of people from last year that remembered me.   My sister said that a lot of people were staring and talking about us wherever we went.  No TV interviews this time - we didn't run into any TV crews this year!  It was a lot of fun though - and Tiger won with his partner Annika!
October 9, 2001
Official release of Tiger's new book - How I Play Golf
Yes - it hit bookstores today!  I used my lunch hour to go out and buy it!  It is a great book - great pictures, great content - excellent job, Tiger!  I definitely recommend it!
October 22, 2001 - Yorba Linda, California
Kelsey Grammer Toys For Tots Celebrity Golf Tournament  <===Click for pictures
I played in this golf tournament and had such as great time!  There were a number of celebrities that played, and I was able to meet some of them.   It was so much fun that I am already looking forward to next year!   To my teammates: Russ, Jim, Mike, Steve, and Jim - I was glad to be a part of such a great team (even though we couldn't putt), and to Jeff, the tournament chairman - you did an awesome job, and I can't wait until next year!
November 10, 2001 - Los Angeles, California
Loyola Marymount almostGolf Invitational
This almostGolf tournament was a really great event and it was for a good cause.  It was a lot of fun and the camera crews followed our group around for several holes.  This was not your ordinary golf tournament - so what exactly was this all about?  You can find out at  I thought that I fit in well with their theme - "almostTiger" in the almostGolf tournament!  Thanks Rev, for doing a great job organizing the entire event.  It went well for the first one ever!  So when is the next one?  Thanks Jorge, for being my caddy!
January 5, 2002 - Hollywood, CA
Our First Date
This date has nothing to do with a Tiger-related event, but it will always be an important date for me because my girlfriend and I went on our first date!
March 13, 2002 - Added to new website!
Am I A Celebrity? - New Website
This brand new website has a great idea and features lookalikes that you can view and vote which one is a dead ringer.  Check it out, and cast your vote for your favorite lookalike!  Thanks, Jeff for visiting my website and telling me about your new website!
March 18, 2002 - Hollywood, California
The 11th Annual Celebrity Lookalike Event - The Reel Awards
This annual event for celebrity lookalikes is held the week before the Oscars, and the news media from all over the world also attend this event to get stories and photos with the many celebrity lookalikes.  There was a large gathering of lookalikes from all over the country, and I was glad to be a part of it!
- I actually WON a Reel Award called The News Hound Award!   It was definitely a surprise, and I didn't have an acceptance speech prepared, so I just said Thank You, and Good Job, Tiger, for winning the Bay Hill Invitational golf tournament!
- I also was a Reel Award presenter with a Pamela Anderson lookalike.   We presented the final 2 awards - Best Actor and Best Actress.   I presented the Best Actor award to a Russell Crowe lookalike, and Pam presented the Best Actress award to a Julia Roberts lookalike.  
- Special thanks to International Celebrity Imagesfor putting on a great event, and allowing me to be an award presenter, as well as an award recipient!  Thank you, Janna and Alana!
March 28, 2002 - On the Internet
Check out my new banner:
I created this banner for other websites to use to link to my website.   Here is the website where it is used:
April 6, 2002
Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah, Aaron!
Today marks a very special day for an up and coming golfer.  Congratulations, and it was a privilege to be a part of your special day!  Keep practicing!
April 14, 2002
Tiger does it again!
Today Tiger won The Masters tournament for the 3rd time.  Congratulations, Tiger, I know you'll win many more!  Now I feel like I should be practicing more, but I have something with a higher priority - my girlfriend!  I love you, baby!
August 26, 2002 - Placentia, CA
Golf Tournament - Alta Vista Country Club
I played in a golf tournament to benefit the Masonry Industry Training Association.  I was in a foursome with Bob, Chris, and Fred, and they were a great bunch of guys.  We wanted to finish like Tiger, so we told each other that we should birdie the final 4 holes.  After we got a birdie, then par, I told them, "Now we have to make an eagle to make up for that missed birdie."  We did just that - we eagled a par 5 and then finished the final hole with a birdie.  That was definitely a Tiger-like finish!  I presented the awards and prizes during the dinner, and it was a lot of fun.  Special thanks to Amy for doing a great job with the tournament, and for inviting me to help out!
November 7, 2002 - Irvine, CA
Open House - The Marketing Partners
This company had an open house in their new location.  I was asked to be there, along with a Madonna lookalike.  We met a lot of really nice people and had our pictures taken with them.  It was fun, and if you ever need a great group of marketing talent, be sure to look them up!
January 5, 2003 - Los Angeles, CA
Tiger 2 pops the question!
Today was the first anniversary of our first date.  After going to mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown LA, I asked my girlfriend to marry me.  She said, "Yes!"  That was the happiest day of my life.  Thank you, baby!  Wedding plans are in the works...
January 5, 2003 - Santa Monica, CA
Promoting the AlmostGolf ball
Stay tuned - the AlmostGolf ball is coming!  What is it, what does it do, and why would you want to use it?  You'll have to see for yourself.  More details are coming soon.  We did some photos and video around Santa Monica and let's just say that a few people turned their heads while we were shooting around the beach areas and along grassy areas where I did some testing of the new ball.  I actually hit them straight!  Check out their website at
March 20, 2003 - Hollywood, CA
The 12th Annual Celebrity Lookalike Event - The Reel Awards
This year The Reel Awards were held at the Henry Fonda Theatre.  The format was changed, and now several charities will benefit from the show.  It was a really great show - if you get a chance to attend it, don't miss it!  Rich Little received a Lifetime Achievement Award.  He can do so many different impersonations!  Congratulations, Mr. Little!

Quotes from fans and friends...  If you want to be quoted here, just let me know !
"Don't worry about all of those other Tiger Woods Pretenders out there, we know that you are the only Contender!  Feel free to use that on your website too!"
    - M.P. Cronin (Philadelphia, PA)
"I find that you are a true and honest person and not tied up in all the advertisement.  You should be proud of who you are."
    - Jade (Hawaii)


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